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Echoes is my latest project in terms of iconography and it's mainly focused on blurred glyphs. I've wanted to create an unique and appealing blend between popping colorful gradients and hand-crafted iconography.

The main idea began looking at the current state of iOS Ui interface, which has various blurred elements in within the entire operating system. The blur effect is giving the eye perception of depth from a 2D perspective and plain of view while also maintaining a frosted glass effect.

Echoes has over 630 icons so you have plenty of options to theme all of your iOS 16 icons and have a beautiful homescreen.

Easily change your icons on iOS 17 trough the shortcuts app. You have plenty of tutorials if you search for it on how to do  it.

Echoes includes:

  • Original & colorful icons manually and individually designed.
  • 300x300 px resolution so it's all crispy clear whether you're using them on iPad or iPhone.

Basic tutorial on how to use:

-    Repeat this process for every icon you want to replace:

-  Open the stock Shortcuts app

-  Add a shortcut by tapping + at the top

-  Tap 'Add Action'

-  Tap 'Scripting'

-  Tap 'Open App'

-  Tap 'Choose' and select the app you want to replace

-  Tap the ••• button

-  Tap 'Add to Home Screen'

-  Enter the app's name

-  Tap 'Choose Photo'

-  Choose the related echoes icon for it

-  Tap 'Add'

If you want a more in-depth tutorial on how it's all done you have plenty of youtube videos that teaches you visually step by step what I've explained above.

This icon pack was created from scratch, meticulously designed each icon, this is not a pre-made icon pack template.

If you're jailbroken you can get this icon pack directly from Havoc


Thank you for your support :) . You have NO permission to  share, resell, or redistribute these icons without my consent.

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echoes icon Pack

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Echoes Icon Pack

55 ratings
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